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In the process of growing up, children can at times experience difficulties coping. Play Therapy can offer children a safe non-intrusive method to assist them in making sense of their worlds and to recover from common distressing events as well as major traumas. Talk to the school about getting assistance from the Ministry of Education’s Learning Support Service for help with your child’s classroom behaviour and learning needs.
Softer shades of reds and oranges are warming and can help with circulation and energy levels. Peaches, apricots, warm tans, terracottas and pinks can also be used for this purpose. Reflecting on the past and thoughts of a spiritual future can also be reflected in colour choices. Soft blues, lavender mauves and violets are colours that connect to the spiritual or reflective mood.
This means you can increase or decrease the level of intensity, depending on where your body is at. Whether your partner bleeds or not, they might hold some of their own prejudices or miconceptions when it comes to sex and periods. They therefore might need a bit of sex-positive reasurance that period sex is totally safe, normal, and can be great for both of you. Remember, although period sex feels very similar to regular sex, you might notice some different sensations. For example, many people feel more sensitive in your vulva due to increased blood flow.
There are many reasons for this attitude, like the connection between guns and violence and the way that pretend gun play often develops into chaotic, destructive classroom behaviours (Rosen, 2015). Play Therapy is a specialised form of psychotherapy/counselling for children. It is a well-established and research validated based model which draws upon many psychological theories. Play Therapy can help children with a wide range of emotional and behavioural issues. As adults, we talk through our problems, exploring our thoughts and feelings to find new ways of managing situations or coming to terms with things we cannot change.
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But I also make sure he has the opportunity to play with traditionally ‘feminine’ toys too – he does own a doll, even if he doesn’t play with it. He helps me bake – and even knows all the ingredients for pikelets by heart. He likes to layer beaded necklaces on top of his safety vest and firefighter jacket, and looks darn cute doing it. He treasures every single one of his vehicles and is fascinated by learning how they work.
But after 2 or 3 days it starts to rise again and keeps on building. If that sounds familiar, plus you think you “can’t” have sex on your period, this denial might become a huge (sub-conscious) turn on! And so, as you read this, I’ll be sitting here with my toddler learning about how hydrocopters are used as rescue vehicles in Finland.
My boy can play with whatever (age-appropriate) toys he wants, I’ll not stand in his way. “If children only play with one, then they are missing out on a whole host of skills,” she said. As much as I love making fun of sub-par twenty-something dudes that don’t know where my clit is, if I don’t tell them it’s there, they won’t know.
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