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You can also encourage students to raise money for your school by creating fundraising campaigns for them. They can invite their friends and family and ask them to donate an amount to the school to show their support. If you’re looking for a fundraiser that’s easy to sell, look no further than the Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser from ABC Fundraising®.
The school’s parking lot can be used to set up the car wash. Making discount cards to sell for a school fundraiser is reasonably easy. In donations for nonprofits , it draws a lot of attention to small businesses, and many business owners are happy to get exposure.
Cherrydale Fundraising is about giving a wide range of products for school groups to choose from. These products include gift wrap, popcorn, and other treats. That means Cherrydale Fundraising is a flexible partner for any school group, allowing volunteers to appeal to an array of potential supporters.
We turn insights into actions, challenges into opportunities, and fundraising goals into mission impact. The Portland Art Museum engaged CCS to provide a mid-campaign assessment, campaign management support, and additional capacity-building support. As a result, the $141 million Connection Campaign has become the largest and most successful campaign in the Museum’s 129-year history. A matching gift drive leverages the underutilized power of corporate philanthropy to bring in more funding for your organization. Your supporters will not only be happy to help your group by buying some items, but they will also appreciate the opportunity to explore an exciting rummage sale in their community. A calendar fundraiser works especially well toward the beginning of a new year—meaning January or August, depending on how you look at it.
Megan partnered with kids’ gyms and dance studios to serve as shoe drop-off locations. That’s how easy this school fundraiser is for schools and kids. Plum PrintParents submit student artwork to Plum Print to have the art printed in book form. In Plum Print’s school fundraising program, the school earns 10 percent of all sales. With 90% Profit and no money up front you can easily see why this prom fundraiser has been so successful year after year. You can choose from 4 different colors to match your school’s look for a more profitable prom fundraising campaign.
School dances encourage teachers, parents, students and members of the community to all get involved. Be sure to make it fun by creating a theme that will be popular with your student body. Since hats generally aren’t allowed in schools, designate a day where students and faculty get to wear one for a small donation. You can set up multiple tables with baskets of eggs throughout the hallways and near school entrances.
Peer-to-peer fundraisers take the work of setting up and promoting your fundraiser right out of your hands. Ask PTA members, staff members, and parents to volunteer to raise funds from their network of friends and family. You can combine two great fundraising ideas into one by hosting a read-a-thon with your local library, making the perfect library fundraiser.