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We offer specialization of services and extensive experience in those fields to better our work for you, especially in regards to foam and flat roofs. I needed 6 tiles replaced, a very small job for a roofing company, but Rhino roofing came out the day I requested to give me an estimate and did the work the next day. I was very impressed with them and Juan, who came out both days. Your best defense against commercial roofing damage is a manageable maintenance program.
We will make sure your roof is as storm ready as you want. Prolonging roof damage and allowing it to be neglected is not recommended, no matter what health, financial, or safety reasons going on at the moment. This only increases the risk of developing mold from water damage, speeding up the deterioration of wood rot, and creating costly repairs that only worsen when the rain comes! Commercial Roofing know COVID-19 is a serious concern, but we also know that just like after a major storm, life doesn’t stop and the world keeps turning. Storms still come and roofs still get damaged regardless of if it feels like we’re standing still.
We always have a long list of roofer applicants, but we are very selective in our hiring. The best roofers want to have a career with us because we take excellent care of our employees. We’ll clear all facilities, equipment and remnants once the job is completed so you can start enjoying your new roof immediately. This region of the US has numerous storm damage and high-impact weather events every year.
We are one of America’s most successful roofing companies since 1994. We will provide you with a comprehensive inspection on your roof and estimate. We are the industry leader; we set the regional roofing trends and then reach beyond ourselves to the next peak. Today, our roofs are capable of new heights in protection, conservation, function and form. Solar Roof is comprised of both glass solar tiles and steel roofing tiles.
Green roofs, in general, improve air quality and help reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect. Nations Roof® has installed many green or vegetative roofing systems across the country. Since 1990, the team at Bill Ragan Roofing has provided a rare experience to homeowners in the Nashville area through education, customer service, and attention to detail.
Robert Lansford has over 17 years of roofing experience and his expertise comes from a passionate commitment to quality and craftsmanship to always strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Robert grew up in Pasadena and continues to give back to the community by coaching Little League Baseball and working with today’s youth. He graduated from Cal State Los Angeles and Pasadena High School.
As a result, DOEE offers a rebate of $15 per square foot for voluntary installations of green roofs. Applicants must be located within Wards 7, 8, and/or the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Area to be eligible to participate. Metal roofing is known for its aesthetics, longevity, and durability. Used on both low-slope and steep roofs, many building owners prefer the look and durability that comes with metal roofs. Building and homeowners are now opting for certain types of metal roofs to take advantage of the longer lifespan and durability compared to a traditional shingle roof. Flood tests are common for most single-ply installations so the contractor can validate the quality of the installation.
Desert Valley Roofing LLC is a licensed, bonded, insured, registered, and certified business that is locally owned and operated in Las Vegas, NV (Contractor License #78062). We are a full service roofing company servicing the Las Vegas Valley for over 27 years. Mr. Mark Wolmuth and his family own and operate the company. He spent the first 15 years of his Las Vegas roofing career personally installing hundreds of roofs all over the valley. As a result, his years of experience include the installation of many different Roofing Systems including Tile, Shingles, Single ply, Metal, Walking Decks and repairs of all kinds. When putting on a new roof, asphalt shingles are one of the most popular choices for both residential and commercial properties.