Campus & Home Safety Office of International Students & Scholars

Elon University recognizes the serious and negative impact that acts of interpersonal violence, including sexual violence, have on individuals and the University community. The drivers will not take you to your door or vehicle. If you need a ride directly to your vehicle or door, please request a security escort. It is also very important to always get your cash at the start of your booking, even with your regular clients.
They are marked by blue lights on the residence halls, track, Harold C. Smith Learning Commons, Portsmouth Street Warehouse, and the Brennan Center. Escort services are available free of charge, from dusk to dawn every day of the year. If student escort personnel are not available, then a Neighborhood Watch Team member will be dispatched. Keep in mind that the Stockton Police Department is available 24 hours a day if ever there are concerns about your safety. Husson University Security also provides Security Escorts on campus.
Thank you in advance for your collaboration in keeping our Northwestern community safe and secure for learning and living. We have asked our police officers to introduce themselves to you as they see you around campus, and we encourage you to get to know them so they may assist you as needed. Do not leave property unattended, always lock your residence doors and windows, and please do not prop open apartment or residential security doors. Drexel University’s Department of Public Safety encourages students, faculty and professional staff to educate themselves about University safety services. Be sure to locate your keys prior to going to your car. Keep a secure hold on your purse, handbag and parcels.
Safety escorts will only be assigned to Department members, from either the Uniform Patrol Division or the Parking Services Division. These Department members undergo extensive background checks as part of the pre-employment screening, to include examinations of their driving history, criminal history, and references checks. Communication Specialist will advise the community member the estimated time of arrival of the Department member and to stay in a well-lit area while waiting. Please email 8-24 hours in advance of requested pick up time.
Whether you come to KU from a big city, a small town, from within the United States or abroad, following simple guidelines will help you feel more confident and stay safer while you’re here . If you are at the beginning of your escort Brescia job, then you need to consider a few important details. These things are for your own safety and you must not ignore them. As a professional call-girl, you are entitled to feel safe at all times while you are doing your job. You never know what type of clients you are going to meet. Some of them are respectful and nice, but others can be really rude and even aggressive.
It’s also okay to engage in appropriate, polite conversation, but personal or controversial topics should be avoided. Safety escorts should be interested in what the client has to say, and speak politely to help the client feel comfortable. Safety escorts should make eye contact and remove sunglasses when introducing themselves to clients. The safety escort should not carry any weapons unless specifically authorized and properly trained. The safety escort also should not carry items for the client, such as books or groceries.